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From August 9th to 11th, Steel Build 2022 was held in Area A of China Import and Export Fair Complex. Steel Build 2022 was co-located with a series of trade shows, covering construction, culture and tourism. Together, they occupied 21 exhibition halls, spanning 230,000 sq.m. Steel Build 2022 and CIHIE 2022 were su...

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Hosted by

Integrated Building Committee of CCPIT Construction Industry Branch

Guangdong Provincial Society of Steel Construction

Prefabricated Building Technology Training Center of the Greater Bay Area

Guangdong Prefabricated Construction Branch

Green Prefabricated Housing Industry Innovation Strategy Alliance

Guangdong Construction Engineering Green and Assembly Development Association

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Guangzhou Municipal Construction Group

Organized by

Guangdong Prefabricated Construction Branch

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Co-Organized by

Hong Kong Construction Metal Structure Association

Macau Construction Industry Association

Steel and Wooden Construction Branch of China Construction Industry Association

Expert Committee of China Steel Construction Society

Steel Structure Expert Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association

China Kinpan Real Estate Development Industry Alliance

Construction Robot Committee of CECS

Welding and Joining Branch of China Steel Construction Society

Chinese National Engineering Research Center for Steel Construction (Hong Kong Branch)

Tianjin Metal Materials Industry Association

Construction Robot and Assembly Professional Committee of GDCSDA

Foshan Metal Materials Industry Association

China Building Intelligent Construction Engineering Research Center

Economic and Technical Cooperation Association of National Inter-Provincial Steel Structure Industry Organizations



Guangzhou Municipal Construction Group

China Railway Construction Corporation

China Huashi Enterprises

China Construction Steel Structure Corp.

Guangdong Architectural Design & Research Institute

Guangzhou Design Institute Group


Guangdong Construction Engineering Architectural Design Group




Yaxin Architecture

GSIN Green Building

Guiguan Group



Han’s Yueming Laser

Haide Machinery

AMJ House

Concurrent Events

2023 International Prefabricated Building Development Summit & Construction Robot Application Conference

2023 Large-Scale Public Building Design and Construction Key Technology Forum

2023 Supply and Demand Matchmaking Meeting for Prefabricated Public Construction Projects in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

2023 China Real Estate Development Summit

The 15th China Int'l Integrated Housing Industry & Building Industrialization Expo (CIHIE 2023)

The 13th China Rooftile & Technology Exhibition ( Rooftile China 2023)